Mindset Breakthrough Session



The Mindset Breakthrough Session is for you if…

  • You wake up feeling tired, unmotivated and stuck
  • You struggle with negative thinking
  • You want to break through the things that are holding you back
  • You desire more courage, confidence, and joy in your life
  • You want to deepen your relationship with God
  • You want to break free of any limiting beliefs holding you back from living a life of abundance!




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1: How long is the Mindset Breakthrough Session

The Mindset Breakthrough Session is 1-hour :).

Q #2: Is the MBS with you or a member of your team?

I do the Mindset Breakthrough Sessions personally. I love working with people, helping them see a different perspective AND I also get to create a relationship with you when we speak. If we connect, we may create the space to work together in the future as well! 🙂

Q #3: What can I expect to have at the end of the Mindset Breakthrough Session?

By the end of our session together, you can expect to have a much better understanding of how you can break through any limiting beliefs holding you back. You will understand the stories you tell yourself and how they can be adjusted to honor both you and God. You will also see how you can experience more joy peace & freedom in your life!

Q #4: Why do I fill out an application beforehand?

The application form is so helpful to me when I prepare for our call. I like to know a bit about you before beginning, as it enhances the quality of our time on the call. I prefer not to eat up precious minutes with you in your Mindset Breakthrough Session with questions that can be answered beforehand. Lastly, it shows me that you’re serious about your session – it’s one thing for me to be invested in your breakthrough and it’s another thing for YOU to be invested! I like to see that you are invested too 🙂

Q #5: If I want to work with you after the call, what are my options?

If you love the amazing value you get from the Mindset Breakthrough Session and want to continue working me, we can discuss your options near the end :).


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