Bonuses for ‘The 3-Day Transformational Event’

Vagus Nerve Breathing & The Calm Place Exercises to Relax your Nervous System

When you do the exercises in this Bonus audio/video, they will help to calm your nervous system by activating the Amygdala (the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn center of the brain) to help you feel more grounded in God.

Doing these makes a huge difference in the way your nervous system functions and these exercises are based on Polyvagal Theory and EMDR, which are two modalities that allow us to heal from trauma and pain.

You can do this daily and you can also use it when you feel ‘activated; by a trigger or something outside of you that feels threatening or unsafe.

Enjoy these exercises, and practice them often. The audio and video versions are a bit different so see which one works best for you 🙂

Shorter Audio Version (Approx 5min)

Longer Video Version (Approx 8min)

Guided Reflection: Receiving & Experiencing God’s Love

This Bonus video will help you to invite God in at a more intimate level. Many of us keep God at an arm’s length and don’t fully let Him in for fear of what He might think of feel about us when He gets really close.

If you feel any resistance doing this exercise, I encourage you to keep pressing in! Move through this every day or every week until you feel a shift. I promise you – when you truly let God in it can change everything (and it’s all at the pace that you are comfortable with, so please don’t put extra pressure on yourself – just let it happen as it will.)

Moving From Fear to Peace

If you’re struggling with a lot of FEAR you can listen to this aid which will guide you into moving through the fear into a place of peace!

Go through the process and notice what comes up for you emotionally, somatically (physically) and in your mind as far as your thoughts/beliefs.

Enjoy allowing yourself to move into peace and know that you can do this exercise as often as you’d like! 🙂